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Create the space to enhance your leadership effectiveness, cultivate a positive and empowering Team Culture, and create a safe and inclusive work environment to achieve sustainable organisational and commercial success. 


My client-centered and commercially minded approach is proven to help organisations increase productivity, foster a culture of collaboration, and improve team morale.  

Take the first step towards a thriving, high-performing organisation.


About Me

Hi, I'm Kamm

I created The Team Space because I know, after nearly 25 years of corporate life spent building, reshaping, and transforming teams, the impact that a focus on culture and behaviours can have on bottom-line performance, and, at the same time, how hard it can be to make the time to do this work that is critical to sustainable success.


How I Work

What You Can Expect When Working With Me


My focus is on supporting the teams I work with to make progress. I won’t propose anything unless I am clear it will engage teams to make the change that’s required.


Commercially minded

I understand the commercial realities of running a business, having spent 25 years working in corporate settings, and the need to balance competing priorities.



I will take the time to get to know you and your team members to learn how best to work together as well as to build rapport in order to achieve maximum impact.



I foster a relationship of candour with clients to ensure we stay focused on the work, even when it is challenging.



I am purpose-driven in my work, which drives my integrity, courage, and compassion.


Collaborative & adaptable

I design programs to suit the needs of your organisation and teams and am flexible in the event we need to adapt or change mid-flight.


As an organisation, we identified a new strategic positioning and engaged The Team Space to work with our people to develop ‘the How’. Kamm has been instrumental in working with our ELT and approximately 40 of our senior team members to shape and roll out the body of work required to deliver this cultural transformation. Kamm’s enabled the teams to identify where they are heading and name what’s in the way, building strong cross-functional relationships and a mindset of what’s possible when people collaborate. Kamm has gone to great lengths to build a deep understanding of our business and is a true partner.


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