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Kammeron Cran

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Known for her deeply humanistic style and ability to connect, Kammeron’s trademark has been her capacity to enable teams to make fundamental shifts in the way they think about themselves and the way they operate, directly impacting performance, engagement and wellbeing outcomes. With a focus on the key attributes of Purposeful Teams^ and their key behaviours, the teams Kammeron works with develop the mindset to lean in to problem solving and thrive despite ambiguity building exceptional stakeholder relationships along the way.

With a long held passion for personal and professional leadership development of herself and others, Kammeron is driven to help leaders create psychologically safe environments. Environments where Purposeful Teams^ can emerge and flourish. Environments that cultivate Purpose and Connected Relationships, Accountability and Collective Ownership, Learning Agility through empowering Team Leadership. Environments that support teams and individuals to think differently and make positive change that is socially, commercially and competitively impactful. Environments where teams do their best work.

Kammeron has successfully completed many leadership programs through the AGSM and Melbourne Business School as well as News Corp’s Leadership Development Program and other high performance programs, catching the leadership development bug early in her career. Once both Kammeron's children were in school, she embarked on her Coaching education through the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership in 2015. In 2018, Kammeron was awarded a highly sought-after scholarship to The Marketing Academy, a global personal leadership program for marketers wanting to change the world. Kammeron is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is a certified Executive and Organisational Coach (IECL), Team Coach (IECL) and Resilience Coach (Driven CReC). Kammeron is a non-executive director of the charities ADHD Australia, Red Nose Australia and a board member of the National Lotteries and Newsagents Association.

Kammeron has two sons, George and Jimmy, and a Cavoodle X something-or-other named Michael. They live with her partner, Ben and his son, Jarrod in Melbourne's north eastern suburbs. She loves music, cooking and entertaining family and friends, long walks in forests, and cheering on her beloved Blues in the AFL.

^ The Purposeful Teams framework is a collaboration between Kammeron Cran and Andrew Williams, Founder and MD of Agility Consulting Group.

How We Work

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For individuals we can meet you in person (if you are located in Melbourne), or via phone or video where we will listen to you talk about your current situation and discuss how coaching can help after which we come back to you with a detailed Confirmation of Engagement.

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For leaders and team based work, we we can meet you in person (if you are located in Melbourne) or connect with you via phone or video to discuss your requirements, followed by a more detailed briefing session as required. We will then provide you with a written proposal, followed by a Confirmation of Engagement.

NB: With changing COVID-19 restrictions, we can conduct meetings, sessions and workshops either in person or virtually, depending on your preference and group size.


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