About Me

My goal is to help organisations achieve their full potential by empowering their leaders and facilitating positive transformations

About Me

Lived Experience

With 20+ years of experience leading and transforming teams through ever-increasing complexity in the media sector, I understand first-hand the responsibility and challenge of developing people and driving change while still delivering growth. 


My model is to partner with organisations to ensure the work we do is embedded and operationalised, so your investment is realised and has lasting value.

Leadership is about inspiring change and empowering those around you to reach their full potential.


Practice & Responsibility

I believe in leadership as a practice and team development as a responsibility.


I believe in a deliberate and operationalised approach to leadership and team development centred around behaviours, self-awareness, values, and learning for teams to achieve sustainable performance in highly complex times.


Partnering for Impact

I support you in making progress on the things that will have the greatest impact.


Leaders need to continuously explore and develop their authentic style and be able to ‘surf’ uncertainty while role-modelling the behaviours of curiosity, inclusion around cognitive diversity, emotional intelligence, and resilience.


Cultivate the Environment

I help teams get purposeful about how they will work together. Teams need more than strategy and good technical skills to thrive. 

With a focus on purpose, psychological safety, relationships and a commitment to having difficult conversations, I work with leaders and teams to help them cultivate the environment, mindset and rhythm to achieve high performance and lasting impact.


Kamm and I have collaborated on projects involving teamwork and leadership. I can hands down recommend her as someone who is easy to collaborate with while being laser focused on client outcomes. Kamm's killer combo is her authenticity and experience. It means her impact on teams in workshops and coaching is both memorable and actionable. Too many consultants and facilitators lack warmth and are doing 'a job'. Kamm actually cares about the people and teams she works with and her follow-up is testament to this. I've seen her call people months after the 'job' has been completed to check in on progress and offer useful ongoing assistance. If you want your team to be highly engaged in creating purpose and a collective ownership mindset, Kamm is the person who can bring the best out of your people. As she says, Leadership is a team game and Kamm will be a fantastic Coach for your team.

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Humanities

La Trobe University

Grad Dip Public Relations

RMIT University

Leadership Circle Profile Certification

The Leadership Circle

The Marketing Academy Scholarship

The Marketing Academy

Certificate of Social, Market and Opinion Research

Market Research Society of the UK

Leading Change and Innovation; Leading Change for the Long Term


Executive and Organisational Coaching Levels 1 & 2; Team Coaching; Executive Organisational Coaching Level 3 – Narrative Coaching

Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership

4 Stages of Psychological Safety Certification

Leader Factor

Associations & Partnerships

I have found Kamm to be conscientious, intuitive and highly professional. Kamm brings to the table a depth of personal and professional experiences that enables her to hold space for clients with deep compassion and non-judgement. Her presence and authenticity immediately enable her coaching clients to feel at ease. Participants in group sessions quickly feel safe to share openly and learn from each other’s shared experiences because of Kamm’s ability to establish a (psychologically) safe environment to do so. This is a key contributor to the positive cultural change and improved performance she achieves for organisations.

Fun Facts About Me


I was born in Brisbane on my parents’ return from living in the UK and US before they settled in Melbourne (they are both originally Queenslanders), and while I have never lived up there, I spent a lot of my school holidays on the Sunshine Coast and in the Hinterland with extended family. The area is my spiritual home. I now live on the doorstep to the Yarra Valley in a blended family with my partner, our three sons and our dog Michael the cavoodle. Living in a small community surrounded by huge gum trees and native wildlife is a tranquility I cherish.


I would be lost without music. I listen to it constantly. I use it to create different sorts of energy for myself and the people around me. I love singing along and dancing to music and drive my family a little bit mad. I played the piano as a kid and sang and played bass in bands in my twenties. This year I started taking singing lessons to see if I can hone those vocal cords. I would love to record some music with my sister one day… in the meantime, I will serenade my boys much to their chagrin.


I love throwing a couple of really proper dinner parties a year, and I love hosting Sunday gatherings. Bringing people together over food, wine, conversation, music and laughter (and depending on how much wine is consumed, possibly dancing) gives me a joy I find hard to describe. It reminds me of the importance of connection, shared memories and creating new ones.  

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