Leadership Effectiveness

Business performance is highly correlated to the effectiveness of an organisation’s leadership.

How I Can Help

Leadership Effectiveness

Create the space to enhance your leadership effectiveness, cultivate a positive and empowering Team Culture, and create a safe and inclusive work environment to achieve sustainable organisational and commercial success. 


My client-centered and commercially minded approach is proven to help organisations increase productivity, foster a culture of collaboration, and improve team morale.  

Take the first step towards a thriving, high-performing organisation.


If we want people to fully show up, to bring their whole selves including their unarmored, whole hearts—so that we can innovate, solve problems, and serve people—we have to be vigilant about creating a culture in which people feel safe, seen, heard, and respected.

Bréne Brown


Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a reflective and action-oriented collaboration between a coach and a professional that is confidential and where the client is committed to change to improve their capability. 


The coach works with the client to help them remove interference to their development in order to operate at an increasingly effective level so they contribute more holistically to the success of their team and the broader organisation.


How I Work

Coaching engagements usually start with a series of six 60–90 minute sessions, usually over the course of six months, although this is flexible.  We meet ahead of time to test our chemistry as well as get to know each other and establish your goals.


Career Coaching

In addition to executive and organisational coaching, I also support people through 1:1 coaching around career planning, career development, and career transition.


The level of collective courage in an organisation is the absolute best predictor of that organisation’s ability to be successful.

Bréne Brown

360-Degree Profiling

Why the Leadership Circle?

According to data from Leadership Circle, 75% of leaders globally still operate from a reactive, non-scalable mindset—an issue further exacerbated by pandemic market volatility meaning leaders are facing a new host of challenges.


The Benefits

  • Focuses development on key competencies
  • Identifies strengths to build upon 
  • Shows the impact of your leadership style on others
  • Highlights gaps in awareness
  • Links thinking and behaviour
  • Reduces potential for derailment


“Effective leadership is not just a competitive advantage anymore. It’s a critical ingredient in operating a business in the ‘next normal,’” said Bill Adams, CEO and Cofounder at Leadership Circle “and we are already seeing improved business results when managers and executives make leadership a conscious practice.”


The Process

Participants assess themselves by completing a detailed questionnaire. They nominate as many evaluators as they like to complete the same survey about them. The resulting Profile is then used as a foundation for developing your coaching plan. 


As we work through your Profile, I will help you recognise, step into and own your strengths and become aware of blindspots or gaps, and from this, we will build out your coaching plan and a pathway for improving your leadership effectiveness and overall satisfaction in work and life.

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