Team Culture

Business performance is highly correlated to the effectiveness of an organisation’s leadership.

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Team Culture & Development

Create the space to enhance your leadership effectiveness, cultivate a positive and empowering Team Culture, and create a safe and inclusive work environment to achieve sustainable organisational and commercial success. 


My client-centered and commercially minded approach is proven to help organisations increase productivity, foster a culture of collaboration, and improve team morale.  

Take the first step towards a thriving, high-performing organisation.


Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.
Patrick Lencioni

Team Coaching

High-impact Team Development

Team coaching has been written about and researched for many years and is now being deployed as a high-impact team development intervention in organisations, specifically in cultural transformations, restructures, integrations, and mergers.



As a Team Coach I help teams to challenge their established norms, align on their purpose and engage in adaptive and strategic thinking. What evolves is improved collective decision-making, improved dialogue, and greater consideration of value to stakeholders.



Engaging Experiences for Teams

Team off-sites are an impactful way to build team morale and an important symbol of an organisation’s commitment to learning and development.


I am an experienced facilitator and presenter and can craft a program based on your brief. This can include delivering highly engaging content and activities as well as securing keynote speakers and team experiences.


True leadership stems from individuality that is honestly and sometimes imperfectly expressed… Leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection.
Sheryl Sandberg, Former COO Meta

Team Development

Purposeful Teams Program

Purposeful teams are high-performing teams. The Purposeful Teams framework is a highly practical team development model centred around six key attributes.


The Purposeful Teams Program is highly versatile and can be delivered as a two-day program or run over six weeks or six months, depending on client needs. The format is determined in consultation with the client after 1:1 interviews with leadership and program participants.


The Purposeful Teams model is a collaboration between Kamm Cran, The Team Space and Andrew Williams from Cultivate Agility. Born out of a shared intention to create a strongly humanistic model of high performance teams, the Purposeful Teams framework, program and Playbook were developed out of research conducted with teams during 2020 and how they were navigating uncertainty, disruption and complexity. 

Key Attributes of High-functioning Teams


When teams are clear on why they do what they do (higher purpose, organisational strategy or short term goal) and purposeful about the behaviours required to achieve it.

Psychological Safety

When team members feel included, when they feel it is safe to fail, safe to learn, safe to contribute, and safe to challenge the status quo and engage in productive conflict.

Learning Agility

When teams have deliberate mechanisms to ‘learn at every turn’ as their relationship with failure is grounded in curiosity and growth.


When teams know how to be inclusive and connect to strengthen relationships and trust, as well as create a sense of belonging.

Collective Ownership

When teams work together to achieve collective progress, they lift each other up, support, and stretch each other.

Team Leadership

Where team leadership behaviours cultivate an environment that delivers on the above attributes.

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